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Wordpress Web Design

To say Wordpress is popular is a bit of an understatement, as it is actually powering over 25% of all websites on the internet. We've been supplying Wordpress web design for many years now and will continue to do so while it's in such high demand.

At Design Spin, we too believe that Wordpress is an effective way to implement your web design, when used responsibly.

What's right with wordpressWhat's right with Wordpress?

Wordpress makes it easy for anybody to have a website. With full access to a capable content management system that is intuitive and simple to use, once installed and setup, you'll be posting blog posts and pages in no time. If that's not enough, there are literately thousands of plugins and themes available, many of which come at no cost.

In simple terms, a theme is what alters the appearance of the website and a plugin adds some extra functionality. There are plugins that will allow you to turn your website into a full-blown e-commerce system, others that let you turn your site into an online learning resource and some may add something very simple to your website, such as some nice social sharing buttons.

There are numerous resources on the internet for themes and lots are developed with a business type in mind, so the chances are you'll be able to find something that looks suitable for your own business.

What's wrong with Wordpress?What's wrong with Wordpress?

Unfortunately, everything stated as being right with Wordpress can also be what makes it wrong when used incorrectly. If you care about performance like the Google search engine does, every plugin and theme should be evaluated before installation. Themes and plugins are often built to cater for lots of scenarios, allowing you the freedom to do all sorts of things such as, change style colours, insert logos, insert image sliders, forms, layout content and the list of features may go on and on!

That all sounds great does'nt it? But unfortunately plugins and generic themes can introduce a lot of extra scripts or css files onto the frontend of your website. Sometimes these scripts are loaded directly into the head of your website and any scripts loaded there have to load before the rest of your page, lowering performance. This problem only worsens if the website in question is using several plugins loading scripts in the same manner. We've seen Wordpress websites running as many as twenty plugins, many of which were performing relatively simple tasks or duplicating tasks that other plugin installs on the same site already covered.

We've only coverered one aspect of how plugins and themes can hinder here, there are many other factors that should be considered when crafting a sucessful Wordpress website.

We Can Help You Get It Right

If you're looking to get up and running with Wordpress the right way, we can offer a solution inline with your business, budget and timeframe. We develop solutions the way they are intended, themes for the purpose of reflecting your business brand and content layout, then we develop plugins for everything else.

Custom Built ThemeCustom Built Themes

We're able to make custom built themes aligned to your own business goals and brand. We build these themes from the ground up using some of our own build tooling which we have developed over time from our own experience of theming. The tooling allows us to work faster and ensures every theme related asset is fully optimised for a speedy delivery to desktop or mobile browsers.

Plugin DevelopmentPlugin Development

We create plugins to add extra functionality to your wordpress web design, this is functionality that does not belong in your theme and should work alongside any theme that is built correctly. So when you change your theme, you can still use your plugin. For clients, we've built plugins to manage different types of content, for managing staff and events, we've even built a plugin to override a theme for creating microsite pages with their own templates.

Wordpress On a BudgetWordpress On A budget

If your budget is limited and you're not looking to invest in the development of your own theme or plugins, we can still help you get it right. As pointed out, there are lots of pre-made themes available. We can assist you with selecting a theme that suits your project and is well coded. If the theme selected falls a little short of your requirements, we can adapt that to make it work for you.

Recent projects with custom built themes

Take a look at some of our recent web design projects. All the projects displayed here are using one of our purpose made bespoke themes.

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E&P Consulting

Energy Consultancy

E&P Consulting are a London based consultancy, with over 25 years' experience in the energy industry and an extensive network of highly skilled professional associates.

E&P Consulting website on devices
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Together Accounting


Together Accounting is an accountancy practise based in Norwich. They have some great tools and apps to assist customers with keeping their accounts simple.

Together Accounting website on devices
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Coffee House / Cafe

The Cherryleaf is a popular coffee shop on St Giles, Norwich. They wanted the website to place an emphasis on images of their delicious cakes, social sharing and blogging.

Cherryleaf website on devices


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