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Design Spin Project: Eigen Ltd

Eigen Ltd

Tech / Integrated Operations

Formed by a team of engineers who have a strong understanding of operations and technology. Eigen are able to turn visions into reality for remote monitoring, realtime visualisation, data historians and custom applications for Integrated Operations and the Digital Oilfield.

The business is made up of a team of multi disciplined experts covering, control systems, networking, cyber security, system and information architecture and web design.

The Project

Eigen are very busy, so the need for a CMS ( content management system ) was not critical to an urgently required new website. So on this initial build we decided to leave the CMS for later should it even become necessary and instead built the site using some Javascript build tools and a template engine. With the templating and build tools in place the site is easy to update and because it does not have to do any processing on a backend is very quick.

The most fun on this project was had producing some of the SVG icons which can be seen on the landing page, our personal favourite is the Eigen rocket ship.


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