I received a call today from Hibu, formerly known as Yell. Ultimately they were trying to persuade me to purchase a paid directory listing. After listening to what they had to say for a bit, they got onto the subject of website performance. They went onto talk about reports, which show how well your website performs in various areas. It’s no secret that there are plenty of free tools available online for the purpose of telling you how great your website is. As a web designer I obviously use a lot of these myself to ensure my clients are getting a high performing website for their money!

Below is the results (each category is out of 10) of the report supplied:

Website Performance

Yell use a very good tool supplied by Silktide for reporting, however I managed to get these brilliant results through the use of various free tools available online:

To ensure my site contains valid markup, I can do that here:

To ensure my site loads in a reasonable time, I can do that here:

For a guide on other elements of my website I use Woorank here:

Why not run these reports on your website today?

If the results you see are not satisfactory, get in touch I will be glad to assist.


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