I absolutely love WordPress as a CMS and it has always been my content management system of choice, but whilst doing some random surfing around the internet a few months ago I stumbled across a CMS called SilverStripe, which I now think I may just love as much as WordPress!

SilverStripe CMS

The first thing that attracted me to it after going through the very easy install process was the simplicity of the back end. Thinking from a client or users point of view, being presented with less in the form of menus and buttons can only be a positive. Out of the box a page has a few very simple fields, a title, a navigation label, and a content box which has all the word processing features the average computer user may be familiar with provided by Tinymce. There are also fields available for the page Meta to keep all your SEO in ship shape.

But it does not end at the simple page I just described; with a little object orientated PHP5 knowledge you can start manipulating the CMS to include additional content within your page, by extending the Page class and adding additional functionality. Maybe a publication date and the name of the author if you wanted your page type to behave like a blog post. Maybe you would like to add a series of images for use in a gallery on the page, this is also no problem you can create an upload field for images with a one to many relationship. You can also keep all the additional information relating to your page neat and tidy through the use of tabs within the CMS.

The other really nice thing about SilverStripe is the fact that it separates page presentation from page logic using the MVC (Model View Controller) approach. So splitting the workload between designers and developers is made very simple.

I am pretty sure I have only just scratched the surface of what you can do with SilverStripe, but my experience to date has all been positive. I am already working on my first client project using SilverStripe, and have received positive comments from them with reference to the new design and its ease of use over their previous website.

If you’re finding you’re existing CMS a bit hard to manage or not quite supplying the solution you are looking for, why not consider SilverStripe. If you need help getting your SilverStripe CMS site up and running, then why not drop me a line.




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