WordPress Development

WordPress is a very powerful content management system, so if you’re looking to take full control of your own content then this platform is an ideal solution for you. I chose WordPress for my own website, as it gives me all the functionality I need to quickly update my portfolio. WordPress gives you the ability to add pages and make blog posts as standard, but with further development you can take it much further than this. I created a custom post type of my own to handle the portfolio section of my website, so I can now blog, make pages and add portfolio items to my website very easily. WordPress is database driven, and there are no real limitations on how you can work with the data. Blogs, forums, membership websites, directories and even e-commerce solutions can be created using WordPress.


Presentation for WordPress is handled by a theme, I can create WordPress themes to portray the image you are looking for from your website. As with any website I build for a client, I provide full visual layouts of what your finished website will look like before committing to the coding phase of wordpress development. The beauty of WordPress is once you have your website up and running and populated with your content, changing the presentation of your content is as simple as changing your theme.


WordPress also has a vast range of plugins available, plugins give you the ability to add extra functionality to your site. Plugins range from adding slideshows to your site, controlling cookies to keep you in line with EU laws to monitoring the usage of your website. If you’re looking to add additional functionality to your WordPress website, it’s very likely that somebody somewhere has already created what you’re looking for, but on those occasions when you can’t find exactly what you are looking for I can assist you with plugin development for WordPress.


If you don’t feel WordPress is the content management solution for your website, not to worry, I can offer alternative content management solutions such as Perch which sometimes may be a better solution depending on what sort of functionality you require. If you’re looking for a WordPress or any other content management solution why not contact me at admin@designspin.co.uk to discuss your web requirements.

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