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Building a website requires careful planning, and before committing to a development solution you should really determine if the chosen solution is indeed the correct one for you. You may feel you need an all singing all dancing web design with a content management system, but the truth is with all the best intentions in the world your daily routine does not permit you the time required for modifying your content or blogging. So a better solution may be just to keep it simple and go for an informative brochure site covering the essentials of your business. Through discussion I can help you determine the best solution for you and your business.

When building a website, I like to follow this path as closely as possible:


Through consultation I can identify the best offering to suit your budget, this could involve discussing an existing website you may have, looking at your competitors websites, Identifying any needs for varying content by customer types and many other possibilities. Every web design job is different, and each site I build is built from nothing to a final result. So this stage is important to establish an agenda and plan for your project.


After planing the type of site we will be building through consultation, I would typically request content for you site. I can also assist you with content creation when needed.


Knowing the content of your site prior to any designing allows us to determine the best way to group and navigate around  the content for a better user experience.


I can now start to work on how the site will appear to your visitors and mock as many page styles as necessary up within photoshop. The designs will be presented and revised as necessary until agreement is reached on how the site will look.


With page designs, structure and content ready, I can finally code all the collected information into a functional website using the appropriate web technologies assigned through the previous phases. I generally code all sites using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Javascript.


When the coding of the site is complete the site will be tested thoroughly to ensure it displays correctly in various browsers. These include the most common browsers such as IE8 – 10, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Functionality requirements may vary from project to project and projects can be arranged to accommodate browsers and devices as necessary.


When all phases are complete, arrangements can be made for the launch of your new website.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact me at admin@designspin.co.uk



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