Responsive Development

Responsive Development

In recent years the volume of people viewing the web from devices such as smart phones and tablets has increased dramatically.  For web designers these numerous devices can pose a problem.  For example looking at a website on a smart phone, which was created for viewing on a desktop, quickly becomes an unpleasant experience.  You may have to zoom in and out to view the information, the site may be too big for the screen, it may be hard to navigate the tiny links and buttons, basically it makes viewing the site painful!

So what can be done? How can web designers deliver content suitable for multiple platforms? It is possible to build a separate site for mobile and desktop but that can be expensive as it incurs two lots of development costs, probably something most people are not willing to bite off!


CSS3 gives access to media queries enabling us to query the size of the screen and adapt the site content to suit, unfortunately older browsers do not understand the new CSS3 media queries and to combat this I now use Modernizr. Modernizr can quickly interrogate a web browser to determine what functionality it supports. If a feature is not supported we can mimic the intended behaviour using something called a polyfill, some Javascript code that adds the functionality to the browser.

By using this method of web design and responsive development I can ensure that the content being delivered will be seen as intended across a greater range of browsers and devices. Rather than designing multiple sites for different-sized devices, this approach designs one site but specifies how it should appear on varied devices.


I believe that responsive design is the future, if you’re wanting to be seen clearly, on a multitude of devices and browser types with one development cost, it makes sense.  Maybe you already have a website that you would like to make Responsive? Or maybe you would like a new Responsive Web Site? Contact me at with your enquires or for further information.

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