Dubs At The Hall

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Dubs At The Hall is a family friendly VW and Music festival hosted at Holt Hall in North Norfolk. Every year many descend onto the site in a variety of off the shelf classic and highly customised VW vehicles to enjoy a great weekend of brilliant music and various other entertainment.


The guys at 5 events wanted the site to be straight forward and simple enough for them to manage their own content without the need to be a full on Tech nerd to do so! With this in mind I decided to build the site using Silverstripe. Silverstripe has a really simple back end, any page is easily accessible from a site tree in just a click or two.

This CMS also uses a MVC framework which I am a big fan of, basically Silverstripe is pretty much a pleasure to work with.


The site is not really completely finished at this point, and will probably undergo many changes between now and the actual Dubs At The Hall event, it will then probably change completely again for next year, as they like to have themes for their festival, this year being ‘American’. This to me is what makes this project so exciting. Basically I just wanted to get this out there!


  • HTML 5
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